Illustrator: Ness Lee

Ness Lee

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Ness Lee’s beautiful work adorns buildings, streets bridges and residential homes. Her pieces are often autobiographical, a vehicle to express her feelings akin to a personal diary. She often uses varying mediums such as ceramics, painting and mixed media. Most notably, her work featured on a Netflix campaign for Orange Is The New Black.

Lee graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design and a prominent feature in her work is a black haired, naked woman that draws inspiration from Shunga, erotic Japanese art, the concept of gorgeous smooth lines that allows the human form to be drawn in a single stroke.

We love Lee’s pieces for their enveloping romanticism, languid shapes that inspire our own work. The paintings are all so emotionally charged and personal, but for us, the truly beautiful pieces  are those done on a large scale in bold and inviting colours.



You can purchase Ness’ work in the form of pins, tote bags and handkerchiefs via her online store.



Instagram: @nessleee

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